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Led by Dr. Shaun Parsons and offering a UK wide service, PM Psychology is an established firm of Expert Witness Forensic Psychologists. We undertake assessments of adolescents and adults who are involved in both care proceedings and pre-proceedings and we provide reports to the Family Courts, Social Services, and other agencies. We also offer psychological therapeutic services from our London and Newcastle offices for individuals who have a wide range of psychological needs.

Dr Shaun Parsons

Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Shaun Parsons is a Forensic Psychologist and has been carrying out expert assessments for the courts for over fourteen years.

His recent professional practice has concentrated on applying a risk assessment model to parenting assessment. He particularly focuses on the association between personality structure as a method of explaining past difficulties and parenting and the use of this information to provide a risk assessment that is robust and based on sound scientific theoretical underpinnings.  He is able to assess the risks of violence, substance use, personality difficulties and interpersonal relationships and their impact on parenting.

He has received specialist training on working and assessing sexual offenders and their families including partners' ability to protect. Dr. Parsons also has a special interest in the assessment of capacity especially of people with physical and/ or sensory impairments. Dr. Parsons is trained in EMDR and Solution Focused therapies and is experienced at undertaking group and individual therapy.

Alex Marshall


With nearly ten years of experience, Alex began working in a rehabilitation setting for individuals who suffered neurological conditions following trauma. After completing his MSc in Applied Forensic Psychology with the University of Leicester, he then began working with clients in the community who have experienced mental health needs, including PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Whilst working in this setting, Alex has gained experience of a range of methods of assessing each individual’s specific needs for therapeutic intervention, whilst undergoing formal training, including with the official providers of Attachment Style Interviewing at Middlesex University.

Alex has also worked with adults and adolescents, delivering CBT for issues including anger management, anxiety and depression. Alex has also received formal EMDR training from Richman EMDR Training, approved by the EMDR International Association.

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