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Our therapy services are focused on you, the client. We offer an integrated eclectic approach using EMDR, Solution focused and Cognitive Behavioural techniques so we can tailor treatment to help with a range of psychological issues and problems.

We can work with you to help with trauma (including childhood sexual abuse ), post traumatic stress disorder, attachment difficulties, phobias, anger management difficulties and domestic violence victims and perpetrators, anxiety, substance misuse, bereavement, personality difficulties and depression. We also offer group work for anger management especially in relation to domestic violence or work related aggression.

We offer a 30-minute initial free consultation to discuss your needs and to help you decide if we are your best option.


Searching for trauma therapy in London and Newcastle? PM Psychology has the solution.

We understand that a traumatic event in your life can leave a lasting impression and if an experience you've had is becoming too much to handle and is too difficult to control, it's time to seek professional help and guidance.

At PM Psych, our trauma therapy services can get to the root of your symptoms and tackle any depression, guilt, nightmares and frightening flashbacks head on.

For a consultation and to discuss your needs, contact us today.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Searching for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy in London and Newcastle? PTSD – as it's commonly referred to – is more than common that you might think. If you're suffering from painful flashbacks and panic attacks born from a traumatic event, PM Psychology can help.

We understand the effects PTSD can have on your life, and to come to grips with the issue and avoid a life of self-medication, it may well be time to take the first step to recovery.

Based from our offices in both London and Newcastle, you can benefit from a team of PTSD experts in a discreet and peaceful environment. Tailor made around your needs with complete flexibility around your busy lifestyle, contact PM Psych today for a consultation.


Do you need phobia therapy in London and Newcastle? Are you tired of the impact your phobia is having on your life and want to do something about? PM Psychology has fully qualified and highly skilled experts that can tackle a range of phobias. We're here to help!

If your phobia is taking control of your life there is another way. Through counselling and bespoke treatments, we can defeat your problem and get your life back to normal. And remember, if you have an irrational fear of something, you're certainly not alone.

In fact, over 10 million of us right here in the UK have a phobia of some kind. And we have the tools and the know-how to make them stop. For an informal but professional discussion, book your consultation today with PM Psychology.

Anxiety & Depression

If you want help with depression, Parsons Marshall Psychology can work with you side by side and we can help you get your life back on track. For a consultation and to discuss your needs and complete confidence, get in touch with us today.

Are you searching for depression therapy in London and therapy for anxiety in London and Newcastle? PM Psychology is here for you. All of us get low and it's normal to get sad and miserable from time to time. Often we can feel depressed after a stressful week at work or after an upsetting event, but it's also extremely common for us to get extremely low for no reason at all.

In fact, one in six of us here in the UK have depression, and if you feel as though you're suffering from prolonged feelings of anxiety, withdrawal from social activity, a lack of drive and enthusiasm for the day to day. sleeping problems, irritation and a lack of concentration, you may well be suffering from a longer term issue.

If you're ready to get a permanent relief from depression and want to do something about, PM Psychology can get to the route cause of it and with you side by side, we can help you get your life back on track. For a consultation and to discuss your needs and complete confidence, get in touch with PM Psychology today.

Domestic Violence Therapy

Are you searching for domestic violence therapy in London and Newcastle? Don't worry, you're in safe hands with Parsons Marshall Psychology. If you find yourself in the position of being intimidated by your partner or you're the subject of repeated or random abuse both mentally, financially, and physically, you don't have to suffer in silence as there is first class support available to you.

Domestic violence doesn't discriminate, and we've found in our extensive experience over the years helping domestic violence victims that it can happen regardless of class, age, sexuality, race or gender. We understand that both men and woman of all walks of life can suffer it and we're able to approach the issue with care, experience, and discretion.

Our fully trained psychological therapists in London and Newcastle will listen to you and can come up with a range of methods and ways to support you.

Personality Difficulties

Do you have personality difficulties and are you considering personality disorder therapy in London and Newcastle? PM Psychology, an experienced personality disorder therapist in London and the UK can help.

If you're suffering from repeated patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling, you may well be experiencing a form of this mental health issue. We understand that a personality disorder can create difficult social scenarios for you and can have a big impact on your personal life. Through therapy sessions and one to one treatment, PM Psychology can help you, a friend or a colleague get things back on track.

Not so long ago, personality disorders couldn't be treated but thanks to advancements in psychological therapies, this is no longer the case. For a consultation and to discuss your needs in confidence, get in touch with PM Psychology.

Attachment Difficulties

Do you need an attachment disorder therapy service in London in Newcastle? Parsons Marshall Psychology can help.

To care for a child's physical and emotional needs it's natural for them to need a parent or carer to be there for them.

Forming bonds with parents or carers is an essential part of a baby's development and allows us all to form trust, build emotions and develop a healthy body and mind. However, if this process is interrupted, a child may well development issues of attachment.

If, as a parent or carer, this is something you're concerned about there is treatment and options available to you. To discuss your needs and learn more about our attachment disorder therapy service in London, get in touch with Parsons Marshall Psychology.

Substance Misuse

Are you searching for first class substance misuse therapy in London and Newcastle? PM Psychology can help you on the road to recovery. Addictions come in many forms, but if you're struggling with substance misuse you'll no doubt be aware of the negative impact this is having on your health, your finances, and your relationships.

We understand that seeking help can seem daunting but the rewards if you chose to do so will be worth it, trust us.

As a nationwide independent company for substance misuse therapy, we've helped many people get the specialist and professional therapy and treatment they need. Our team of psychological therapists based in both London and Newcastle can give you a full range of treatment options and we're also highly flexible and discreet. To start the process, let us fill you in on how we can help you. Contact PM Psychology today and put the wheels in motion to begin a journey to a better you.


Are you struggling with grief and potentially require bereavement therapy in London and Newcastle? With offices at both ends of the country, we can help you through this time.

In our lifetime, we all have to face the possibility of losing someone that is close to us. And while some of us may find it easier, there are many amongst us who need that extra level of care and support. We've experienced firsthand how grief works, and we know how it can shake up your sense of reality and have a negative influence on how you view the world.

Don't prolong the pain or lock it inside. For professional help and to find acceptance during this difficult time, contact Parsons Marshall Psychology and receive the dedication, care, and understanding you deserve.

Anger Management

Are you trying to find anger management therapy in London and Newcastle? PM Psychology is a name you can rely and depend on. It's normal in our day to day lives to get irritated and feel angry, but when this anger provokes and extreme reaction, is brought on easily and is affecting your relationships both personally and at work, it's time to do something about it.

And remember, not only are anger issues frustrating and cause friction with other people, it can also lead to health risks such as heightened blood pressure, depression, and heart attacks.

To discuss your specific needs and to get to grips with your problem in complete confidence, contact PM Psychology today.

What To Expect

After your initial free session if you decide to work with us then we would undertake a 90-minute assessment interview, this may involve psychometric testing.

This helps us to give you the information you need to decide your future therapy needs. We will discuss the assessment with you and recommend how to help you move forward

At this stage we will discuss the frequency of appointments, approximately how many sessions you will need, although this can only be approximate at this stage, and if we think you would benefit from a group or individual work.

We will also tell you if we think we cannot help and we will make recommendations to you as to how to best seek assistance.

We will also tell you if you would be best to obtain the work you need through the NHS and we will be happy to write to your GP, with your permission, to outline our recommendations.

If we recommend therapy with us it is at this stage that we will discuss the cost of the course of therapy we are recommending. Our costs are variable depending on your circumstances with reduced charges for students, retired people and people on benefits or not working. We also offer a limited number of free treatments.

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