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The causes and persistence of anxiety and depression are vast, and their effects are equally diverse from one person to the next.


Both anxiety and depression can cause issues that affect sleep, diet, interaction with others, mood, motivation and overall quality of life. Often, individuals are not able to express precisely their experiences, but are aware that something has ‘changed’ or does not feel right.

In some people anxiety or depression can result from an event or time in their lives that has acted as a trigger; others may suffer as a result of biological, environmental or social influences; while for some there is no apparent or obvious cause.


Anxiety and depression are extremely common and often require intervention in order to help us move forward towards a higher quality of life.


At PM Psychology, we recognise that treatment of anxiety and depression depends greatly on an individual’s unique circumstances and, therefore, we take a meticulous approach to assessment. This greatly improves the chance of positive outcomes of therapy, with an approach that is flexible and adaptable, depending on your progress.


Goals are set collaboratively with your therapist, and you are very much in control, ensuring a comfortable approach that does not overwhelm. The techniques used are all evidence-based, meaning that they have been shown through research to result in positive outcomes.


Techniques based in cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, for depression or anxiety can be built upon to enhance their effectiveness. This can include dialectical behaviour therapy, or DBT, and acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT.

If you're ready to explore options to address any symptoms of anxiety and depression, PM Psychology can help you get to the root cause of it.

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