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Helping you move forward after domestic abuse

Domestic violence or domestic abuse isn't restricted to physical violence; it can include a range of behaviours such as intimidation, emotional abuse, bullying, financial abuse, controlling behaviour and harassment.


Domestic violence doesn't discriminate. Anyone - regardless of class, age, sexuality, race or gender - can experience it.


For those who have experienced domestic abuse, we understand difficulties can include recognising and acknowledging it and also opening up and seeking help.


We are aware of the sensitive nature of such situations and offer confidential support, exploring your current situation and collaboratively working to set goals.


Domestic violence survivor therapy can draw on various evidence-based techniques to ensure you receive the best possible service. This can involve one-to-one talking therapy, approaches to deal with symptoms of trauma and support network or group therapy. Your treatment will be discussed with you to ensure you are comfortable with our suggested approach and we will work together to move forwards.

For more information on domestic violence survivor therapy, contact us today.