Expert forensic psychology from trusted professionals

We aim to provide high-quality forensic psychology reports within three weeks of receiving a letter of instruction at LAA approved rates.


Our areas of expertise include:


  • Assessments of ability to provide "good enough" parenting, including assessment of intellectual functioning and the impact of this on caring

  • Sexual offender risk assessment within a family context

  • Violent behaviour risk assessment in a family context

  • Ability of a partner to protect children from a violent, sexually abusive or emotionally abusive person

  • Risk assessment of carers

  • Whole family assessments in order to establish the dynamics of a family, for example, in the context of disputes or where a child is demonstrating behavioral difficulties

  • Parenting assessment including risk assessment of physical and sexual abuse, violence (including domestic violence) and partners' ability to protect

  • Assessment of capacity as defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, particularly in cases of sensory-impaired clients

  • Psychological aspects of child physical, emotional and sexual abuse

  • Attachment theory, assessment of adult attachment styles and relevance to parental behaviour

  • Substance misuse and dependence in a forensic context. Effect of substance misuse and dependence upon parenting abilities

  • Psychological effects of matrimonial / relationship breakdown and abusive relationships




Dr Shaun Parsons has been providing expert forensic psychology reports for the courts for more than 15 years. His expert witness reports are focused on addressing the questions asked by the court and providing a reliable evidenced-based report using proven methods. Having given evidence in the Family Courts more than 500 times, Dr Parsons's evidence is clear, focused and evidenced based.


We work within the
26-week timescales of the Family Courts, usually providing a report within three weeks of receipt of the letter of instruction. Any additional questions can usually be answered within a week of receipt.


We are fully Legal Aid Agency-compliant, charging LAA rates and working within LAA approved limits.