A treatment plan as unique as you

We believe in the importance of a thorough assessment to explore your needs and expectations of therapy. We will explore with clients their unique situation and issues, why they decided to seek therapy and collaboratively set goals and targets at a pace that suits the individual.


As a client-centred service, we aim to become experts in your unique circumstances, which allows us to formulate an approach that suits you, using techniques that will yield positive outcomes. Our meticulous approach includes an exploration of factors that are causing, contributing to and maintaining your current difficulties, whether directly or indirectly.


After the initial assessment, we will suggest a plan and discuss this with you, making sure you are comfortable with our recommended plan of action.

There will be numerous and unique factors contributing to your issues. Examples may include: how you spend your time, including isolation or other adverse circumstances; physical factors (including sleep patterns and diet); your experience of emotions; your surroundings and thinking patterns and your appraisal of events, other people or your own circumstances.


Over the course of treatment, we will measure your progress and adjust the approach as necessary to ensure the best chance of building and maintaining the skills that will improve your quality of life.