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Find your road to recovery

We can help you on the road to recovery. Addictions come in many forms, but if you're struggling with substance misuse you'll no doubt be aware of the negative impact this is having on your health, your finances, and your relationships. 

Our approach is based on your unique circumstances and needs. At PM Psychology, we understand there are numerous reasons behind becoming trapped in a cycle of substance misuse and we aim to provide the best support possible based on your needs.

Substance misuse can often mask underlying issues, including trauma, anxiety, depression or issues with interpersonal relationships. Individuals may also have personality traits that predispose them to substance abuse. This is all considered when drawing up your treatment plan, with goals you and your therapist will set together.

The substance misuse therapy we provide is tailored to give you the best chance of maintaining your recovery, with approaches that draw on various evidence-based techniques. Treatment programmes may be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting, depending on your situation and preferences.

For further information on substance misuse therapy, contact us today.